Danse du Qigong

Shortly before her untimely death in 1995 , she was working on a piece entitled Danse du Qigong which characterises her prodigious diversity of talent: on video film, Lalan, over seventy years of age, performs a dance of both western and traditional Chinese influence, a succession of controlled, fluid, elegant movements, choreographed to electronic music of her own composition, which at times is resonantly intense, at times refined to a subtle indication of the presence of sound. The spectacle is performed within the boundaries of four vast hanging scrolls, painted by the artist in an expressive gestural manner, creating rushing streams and speckled areas of blue and white colour, reminiscent of water perhaps, but abstracted to become an essence of fluidity, of movement, which echoes the external music and gestures of the artist as well as a more elusive internal world.